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All people in all nations are sovereign, or at least started out that way.

This website is dedicated to educate a sleeping and apathetic people, about who they are. I use a lot of US case law in this website, because there is a lot of it, but I have also found case law in Canada, England, and Australia. If anyone in any foreign country finds some case law that explains things similar, then please send them to me, and I will consider adding it to this website for their country.

All governments are corporations.

All governments have the power to create money without end.

Certain power groups in the world will assinate any leader that makes it so the government does NOT finance "borrow" money instead of creating the money (which they are fully capable of doing).

Lincoln circulated $400,000,000 (400 million dollars) worth of US Treasury Notes, which I believe was the reason he was assassinated.

Kennedy circulated $6,000,000,000.00 (6 billion dollars) worth of US Treasury Notes, which I believe was the reason he was assassinated.

Every Federal Reserve Note in circulation has to be loaned into circulation. If the federal debt was paid off, there would be no money into circulation. While the debt is created, the interest is NOT, therefore, it is absolutely impossible to pay off the debt.

If you think about, an economy is like an island. If you have 10 people on an island and they have $1000.00 each and one of them is a banker, then prices will be at a certain level. If the banker loans the other 9 people $100.00 at 10% interest, each of the 9 people will have to pay $10.00 at the end of the year just to service the debt, and they will still owe the $100.00. I think that you can see that eventually somebody is not going to be able to service their debt and be forced to file bankruptcy.

Some of you may say, "But what about hyper inflation?" It is true that if the government does print massive amounts of money, it will cause inflation, and maybe even hyper inflation, but let's keep this in proper perspective. The ONLY times in history that hyper inflation has been caused is during war time. Also, how much is the interest on the national debt right now,...1Trillion dollars? What is the federal budget, without servicing the debt, 1 Trillion dollars? Is there any inflation,...not much. Are we at war?,...yes! Also, because every Federal Reserve Note in circulation has to beloaned into circulation, the government was just forced tobail out the bankster thieves to the tune of over a Trillion dollars. If it wasn't for the fact that the government is dependent on the banksters to make all sorts of so-called loans, they could have let the banksters go down the drain.

Because most people are so absolutely clueless about the law and how the law works, they to demand things from government that government is not intended to provide, which ultimately forces it into bankruptcy, because no leader will allow the government to create money for circulation.

When any corporation, (governments included) goes into bankruptcy, it emerges with new owners, and it is forced to pass colorable legislation to allow the new owners to recoup their losses.

Of course there are people who understand what is happening and refuse to get involved in the colorable legislation. In Europe, this group of people is called the Aristocracy. Eventually, the rest of "the people"get tied so far into what the courts consider contracts, that they become slaves to the Aristocracy. Because of all the colorable legislation, and the bureaucrats running around coercing "The people" into the so-called contracts, that "the people" forget who they are, and believe they are slaves.

There are lots of common law remedies available to "the people", like common law juries, and grand juries, but the people these days are so clueless, that I have trouble doing even that.

I personally know about a common grand jury bringing an indictment against a Texas municipal corporation and then the case was brought to a common law jury and they were convicted. Because of the indictment and criminal conviction, that municipal corporation was unable to get insurance (bonded), and they also were not able to get any financing from Wall Street for any of their projects. They brought an action in the Texas State courts, and the judge in the case said he could not do anything about it, saying that if he did, he would lose his bond as well.

These de facto crooks (BAR members) completely ignore common law juries, and like to ridicule them, and make fun of them, but the real power rests with "We the People" and the proof of that is found in that above mentioned court case.

Lawyers will tell you that are 2 kind of law countries. There is civil law and common law. France is a civil law country, but England, most of Europe, the United States, Canada and the rest of the British Commonwealth of Nations are all common law countries. There is even a common law of Russia. The reason I am mentioning this is because Civil Law comes from the Vatican, therefore, all there really is,... is common law. In fact, there are Quebec court cases that I have used in this website that talk about common law and Quebec is supposed to be a civil law province,....so what's up with that?

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